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Due to a constant lack of raw materials in the Western Cape, businesses are being forced to become more resourceful and are looking towards international shores for the answers to the products that they manufacture.

With the effort and determination of the educational system, Cape Town has high education levels and it is because of this that exporters here are displaying a great array of innovative ideas along with an eager spirit towards exceptional performance.

This forthcoming attitude towards business has caused Cape Town to be ranked at an unbelievable 190% better than South Africa's national average for exporting and Cape Town has been ranked an outstanding 4th out of 34 global cities. An impressive indication of the Western Cape's abilities and involvement in this growing market.

With CT's residents being more entrepreneurial than the rest of South Africa, starting their ownpanies and creating their own unique products, the Western Cape is responsible for a large array of manufacturing including the making of yachts, puter software, desalination equipment, aircraft seats, canvass umbrellas, thatch tiles, hormone products, cosmetics, handcrafted products such as bead works, furniture and pottery, fashion items, gourmet food products, film services and even random smaller items such as dog collars. This makes Cape Town a financially enticing target for many international importers.

Cape Town is a nation of eager businesses exploding with opportunities and expertise looking forward to a future of continual growth and this is made more possible by international trade.

Now, in 2010, we are already expanding dramatically and are looking forward to a great year of amazing growth.

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